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Yes, is true, the "dominant language group" just got forgotten, but is this a surprise for you Filip?? I'm seeing all the time ads in English here in Sweden, and my much beloved Portugal is full of publicity posters carts in Russian, its called multi-culturalism - what i stll think that it is a very nice thing indeed, for a very different number of reasons. Sign of times, New Babylon is across the corner - didn't you heard that Madame Laura Bush stated that she sees no wrong in singing the "star spangle banner" in Spanish? Respect


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your comment. I suppose that someone from the continent will be less surprised to discover another language being newly widely used compared to a Brit. I think this would be because of European experience with English as a cultural "influence" (to use a neutral term) on their societies. Postwar Americanisation did not manifest itself so obviously in linguistic terms because our language is (almost) the same.

Regards, Filip

PS the effect of Spanish in the USA is fascinating

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