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Hi, my name is Filip Borkowy. I'm 25 years old as I write this bio.

I was born in communist Poland from where my parents and I emigrated when I was three years old. I grew up in a "wicked" multicultural area in north-west London and my experience has nurtured in me an interest in migration, citizenship and nationality.

I have been lucky enough to have had many interesting jobs. I have sold mobile phones, ran a Polish youth hostel and managed a dental surgery. I also have an involvement in theatre through my father, who is an actor / artistic director. In December 2005 I began my current position with a charity based in the Royal Courts of Justice.

Reading East European studies at University College London gave me the chance to study and live in the country of my birth and to polish my Polish. I want to qualify as a barrister specialising in matters of migration, nationality and cross-border relationships. To this end I am studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law at the College of Law.